Zero Sum by Matthew J. O’Connor

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Zero Sum A Post Apocalyptic Ec Matthew J OConnor

An act of terrorism brings the financial system to a grinding halt. Premeditated violence and waves of unrest sweep across the continent.

In a time of polarization and distrust, a more sinister force is behind this attempt to bring about a new America. However, this political subterfuge is met with violent opposition.

In the confusion, the coast-to-coast chaos takes on a life of its own, bringing about a sudden collapse of American civilization. The two warring factions leave millions caught within a zero sum game, with each individual finding themself fighting for survival in a complete societal and economic collapse.

This page-turner, the first entry into the Civil Strife Series, will keep you at the edge of your seat with each twist. An unexpected attack on the fabric of U.S. society quickly unravels into an all-out fight for survival. Those that are caught in the middle are left reeling as they try to adjust to a new normal and navigate a fractured society that is more divided than ever.

Zero Sum by Matthew J. O’Connor (Civil Strife #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 278 KB

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