Wretched Aftermath by E.G. Michaels

by ebooks-online

The Battle For Survival Continues…
The military has failed to stop the Reapers and the monsters have gained a stronghold throughout the United States. Battered and bloodied, the armed forces refuse to surrender.
Trapped in a small town, former police officer Malcolm Foster and his rag-tag group of survivors hold the key to humanity’s best chance of success: They know the Reapers’ fatal weakness.

If Foster can get that information into the right hands, it could stop the Reapers for good.
But first he needs to help his group escape the growing Reaper horde and a crazed cult leader bent on trying to kill them.
When the smoke of battle begins to clear and the aftermath’s effects become known…
When new forces of evil emerge from the darkness…
Can Foster overcome the odds and find a way to succeed?

Wretched Aftermath by E.G. Michaels (The Wretched Series #4)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 330 KB

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