Wild Hunt by Emma L. Adams

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Wild Hunt   Emma L. Adams

When Holly Lynn stopped the Wild Hunt from unleashing a catastrophe, it came with some alarming some side effects. The Morrigan, Queen of the Death Fae, is missing, and her absence has brought a new kind of trouble in Faerie.

To top it off, the necromancer guild is dealing with an influx of ghosts refusing to leave the mortal realm. Holly is certain her own bargain with the Morrigan is partly responsible, but if the Unseelie Queen learns of her involvement, she’ll wish the Wild Hunt had finished her off. This also proves inconvenient to her tentative alliance with Puck the trickster fae, who threatens to knock down the well-tended barriers around the unpleasant parts of her history. Being the Winter Gatekeeper wasn’t easy, but it’ll take everything Holly has learned to solve the deadly dilemma before the wrath of the Unseelie falls upon her… and the rest of the mortal realm.

Wild Hunt by Emma L. Adams (The Gatekeeper’s Fate #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 677 KB

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