We Who Pave the Milky Way by Hal Arnold

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We Who Pave the Milky Way Pav

“Humans are pretty grass-fed now.” That’s the general opinion about the remnants of the human race existing in the three compounds of the dust planet Yalk. Humanity lost their freedom centuries ago to the Lovindians, who live forever at the expense of their conquered species. Jacob tries to find contentment in his life, which is destined to be short. He tries to repress the losses of his traumatic childhood and ignore when people continue to disappear but is violently forced from his apathetic life.

When Jacob is the only one to see the massacre of the Yalkian rebels, he adopts the role of an unwilling anti-hero. Can a single human’s rage make any difference against the strength of the conquerors of a galaxy? Will Jacob be able to keep his loved ones safe from the greed of an impossible enemy?

We Who Pave the Milky Way by Hal Arnold (Pave The Way Trilogy #1)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 1 MB

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