Vintage Guitar Magazine – Vol. 37 No. 04, January 2023

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Vintage Guitar Magazine Vol 37 No 04 January 2023

Vintage Guitar Magazine – Vol. 37 No. 04, January 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 63.50 MB
Overview: The Vintage Guitar combines all that you love about the hardcopy magazine – great features on the best players, bands, and builders, profiles of classic instruments, amps, and effects, in-depth brand and model histories, the industry’s most honest, objective music and gear reviews, and much more – with the portability and convenience of modern handheld technology. The app allows you to see the full content of each issue, with advantages like content search and the ability to zoom in for a detailed look at images. You can also see and hear embedded audio/video clips that directly relate to feature stories and media reviews, plus there’s an interactive advertiser index!

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