Under the Influence by Layne Deemer

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Under the Influence by Layne Deemer

When the camera is on, so is April. She’s the friend everyone wishes they had. Full of life and vigor. She’s always smiling. Always happy.

But outside the lens, she’s something else entirely.
Crippling agoraphobia grips her life, controlling every thought and determining every move. Haunted by anxiety, she stays locked away in her house—retreating into a reality she can control.

The people who love her think she needs help. And each one is certain they know what’s best. Because a life built on fear is no life at all.

But April is convinced she can handle it. Until she can’t.
When the walls she so carefully built begin to crumble, there’s nowhere for her to hide. She sees things that aren’t there; hears things she can’t explain; and smells things that blur the line between the present and the past. Is it just her imagination or is she under the influence of something more sinister?

Under the Influence by Layne Deemer
English | 2021 | Psychological Thriller | 468 KB

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