Twisted Truth by Amy Cronin

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Twisted Truth A chilling cont

The truth doesn’t always set you free
“There’s a devil on my shoulder, Anna, and he wants a word …”
Violent and seemingly random murders are terrorising Cork city and county. DS William Ryan is struggling to connect the victims and find a motive. The crimes have one thing in common – they are being filmed by one of the killers. With each kill the case grows more disturbing.

Anna Clarke, Garda clerical staff, becomes involved. In her personal life, Anna is closer than ever to finding the truth about her parents’ mysterious disappearance ten years before. But the path to answers is littered with heartache and it’s too late to turn back the clock …

Meanwhile, Tom Gallagher is obsessed with revenge. Last year his son was murdered, and the woman responsible slipped through his fingers. But he now has CCTV images of two women crouching in an alleyway, having jumped from a nightclub bathroom window. One of them is her. The other helped her fight off his men, and Tom wants to know who that woman was …
The clock is ticking to a grand finale, as truth twists and lies turn, and it seems Anna will have a front-row seat.

Twisted Truth by Amy Cronin (An Anna Clarke Novel #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 409 KB

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