Turning the Storm by Lee Jackson

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Turning the Storm

As World War II reaches a tipping point, one heroic family is determined to help turn the tide.
Feeling the mantle of duty lying heavily on their shoulders, the Littlefields are pushed to their limits in the much-anticipated third installment in the AFTER DUNKIRK series.
The Blitz is in full force.
Bombs rip relentlessly through London, destroying buildings and rattling confidence.

How much more can the country—and one family—take?
As Britain falls further into chaos, the Littlefields—ever-dedicated—must keep fighting. Their country needs them now, more than ever, and each sibling will be tested in ways they never imagined.
Jeremy prepares to fly a mission without his trusted Eagles. But the sudden capture of someone he loves will force him to choose between fulfilling his duty and following his heart. Still held as a POW at a high-security facility, Lance grows more and more desperate to make an escape.
And thousands of miles apart, Claire and Paul—both armed with top-secret war intelligence—experience a similar struggle: They know more than they can say. And that knowledge places their siblings in grave danger.
Meanwhile, at home and under German occupation on Sark Island, the Littlefield’s parents struggle as food becomes scarce and the fire in their bellies is joined by a gnawing hunger.
Then, in a move that shocks the entire world, Germany invades Russia.
But is it really a surprise to Churchill?
What will it mean for Britain—and for the Littlefield family?

Turning the Storm by Lee Jackson (After Dunkirk #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 568 KB

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