Third Degree by Dan Alatorre

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Third Degree A fast paced murd Dan Alatorre

A fire has no conscience. Neither does a serial firebomber.

Tampa detectives Carly Sanderson and Sergio Martin agree to join a newly-formed, multi-state task force and immediately find themselves navigating between the Georgia backwoods and the Atlanta social scene in pursuit of a serial firebomber. A ruthless maniac who apparently enjoys having random victims suffer before they die, only the killer knows how the targets are related – if they are at all. A combination of Carly’s by-the-book police work and Sergio’s willingness to bend rules to the breaking point might catch the killer and end the reign of fear Atlanta is enduring, but with so many people unwilling to cooperate, the detectives wonder if something else may be at work.

Third Degree by Dan Alatorre (Double Blind #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 507 KB

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