The Wrong Girl by Robert W Kirby

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The Wrong Girl by Robert W Kirby

How well do you know your husband?
Alex and Natalie seem to have the perfect life.
But Alex is haunted by terrible events from his childhood. He thought he’d escaped his past, but lately it’s been surfacing in the terrifying nightmares that plague his sleep.

As Alex’s behavior becomes increasingly strange, Natalie fears the worst. Has he been keeping things from her? And who is the mysterious Sheryl he calls out to in his dreams? She is determined to save their marriage by digging up the truth no matter what it costs.

Natalie follows Alex when he returns to his hometown to face the demons he thought he left deep in the forest. But the trip takes a deadly turn when shocking secrets from the past are revealed.
Can Natalie face the terrifying truth as she unravels the mystery that could shatter her world?
Originally published as The Tests.

The Wrong Girl by Robert W Kirby
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 447 KB

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