The Virtual Trail by JC Fields

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The Virtual Trail

Now retired from the FBI, Sean Kruger is bored and restless. When the current President of the United States asks Kruger to investigate the murder of a campaign worker, he jumps at the chance, but quickly finds himself fighting a foreign adversary working to undermine democratic free elections.
MIT graduate student, Danny Barton is a quiet man. A man more comfortable pursuing academic achievement than monetary success. In a quest to finance his academic pursuits, he takes a position within a political campaign to analyze voting data. It will be a fatal decision. When a hit-and-run accident robs Danny of his future, retired FBI profiler Sean Kruger is asked to investigate. As Kruger digs into the young man’s past, he finds a brilliant mathematician who has developed a system for predicting election results. He also discovers that on the night of Danny Barton’s accident, the young man carried a laptop computer. A computer which is now missing.
As Kruger digs deeper into Barton’s death, he finds a deadly trail of international deception, political greed and animminent danger to American democracy. And the return of an old foe.

The Virtual Trail by JC Fields (Sean Kruger #7)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 411 KB

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