The Vanishing Child by M.L Rose

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The Vanishing Child A gripping ML Rose

The famous Dr Vaughan, gynecologist to the celebrities, lies on the floor, both eyes staring into emptiness…he is dead, with signs of struggle on his body, but the house is immaculate. Not a thread is out of place. Where did the struggle take place?
The doctor had powerful friends, and Detective Chief Inspector Arla Baker is called in to investigate.
His family, and his influential friends, want answers. But as Arla dives into his past, she also discovers shady secrets that should remain buried…
When Dr Vaughan’s ex-wife, a suspect in his murder, is also brutally slain, Arla knows she’s up against a seasoned killer. But the worst is yet to come. One of Dr Vaughan’s patients is a powerful poitician.
The politician’s grandson is abducted, and the kidnapper makes it clear he wants revenge on the family. Arla discovers the doctor’s death and the kidnapping is related.
But at every turn, her investigation is thwarted by the politically powerful, who are hell bent on keeping the past secret.
With dead bodies piling up, not to mention a missing boy, the clock is ticking loudly.
But the killer’s attention is now upon Arla, and he won’t let go till he gets his hands on her…

The Vanishing Child by M.L Rose (Detective Arla Baker #9)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 300 KB

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