The Unknown by Jonas Saul

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The Unknown Jonas Saul

Sarah Roberts has a problem she can’t overcome. Her sister gave her sketchy details about a woman in trouble. There is no description, no age, no identifiers of any sort—just where the woman will be, and at what time.
On limited information, Sarah enters a roadside café north of New York City in search of that woman, hoping she’ll find her in time. Once inside, she finds several women sitting alone at different tables by the window, bikers grouped around another table, two state troopers watching everyone who enters, and a nervous waitress. Something is about to happen, but Sarah has no idea what exactly, or which woman she’s there to help.
The errors Sarah makes in that café cost lives, and embroils Sarah in a conspiracy so big that it prompts Vivian to offer a dire warning for Sarah to leave New York and head home.
The future is unknown, except to Vivian, who sees Sarah in a grave unless she leaves.
Sarah never runs from a fight. She refuses her sister’s wishes, determined to stay and fix the mistakes she made.
Even if the consequences are ones she can’t live with.

The Unknown by Jonas Saul (Sarah Roberts #29)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 322 KB

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