The Truth Behind a Smile by Mathew A. Silva

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The Truth Behind a Smile by Mathew A Silva

For the last six years of his life, 69-year-old Stephen J. Clark has been on Death Row. Awaiting his punishment in silence, never once speaking about the night he snapped and killed all those men. The strangest part, however, was his assertion on receiving the harshest punishment during the trial.

The public left in awe and confused by Stephen’s entire being, unable to understand his motive behind any of his actions. Especially when a week before his execution, he asked for an unknown journalist Laura Silverman to meet him the morning of his execution where he would “tell her everything”.

Society has been wondering for all these years, how a seemingly regular old man could snap, and become a cold-blooded killer overnight. Laura now has the chance no one else does, to find out all the answers.

The Truth Behind a Smile by Mathew A. Silva
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 170 KB

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