The Stranger From Berlin by Melissa Amateis

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The Stranger From Berlin

She doesn’t know if she can trust him. But she’s determined to save him . . .
Nebraska, 1943

Jenni Fields’s husband Danny was killed in action two months ago. Now pregnant with another man’s child, Jenni is determined to keep her secret from the small community of Meadow Hills.

Max Koenig fled Germany in 1938, escaping the Nazis and leaving behind a dark secret of his own. Employed to translate a historic German-language diary, Max moves to Meadow Hills, but the overly patriotic community isn’t happy to have a German in their midst.
When the diary goes missing, the whole town thinks Max is the thief. And when local businesses and landmarks start being vandalized with German graffiti, the residents naturally point the finger his way.
Jenni is the only one who believes Max is innocent. Clearly, the diary holds information someone in the town would rather keep quiet. What happened in Meadow Hills all those years ago? And will Jenni be able to prove Max’s innocence before it’s too late? A gripping and emotional WWII mystery with a love story at its heart, The Stranger From Berlin is perfect for fans of Suzanne Goldring and Angela Petch.

The Stranger From Berlin by Melissa Amateis
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 2.7 MB

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