The Storm’s Betrayal by Corry L. Lee

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The Storms Betrayal Corry L

Lies. Treason. Magic. The great Stormhawk—Bourshkanya’s paranoid, fascist leader—is seemingly unkillable. But for the rebellion to succeed, he must die. Celka Prochazka uses magic in ways no one believed possible.

She could be the perfect resistance assassin—if she can avoid being discovered as a traitor. Gerrit Kladivo, the Stormhawk’s son, is determined to end his father’s tyrannical rule.

But to get Celka close enough to his father, he must first prove unflinching loyalty to the regime. Filip Cizek swore his life to protect Gerrit and the regime. But with Gerrit’s actions twisting him into a stranger, Filip must decide how deep his loyalty runs. Together, they will attempt the impossible—but the cost may be everything they hold dear.

The Storm’s Betrayal by Corry L. Lee
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 900 KB

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