The Stolen Children by Cullen Spurr

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The Stolen Children by Cullen Spurr

In the realm of the Gods, even a nobody can become a hero

“What do you mean the world has ‘perished’? Who do you think you are kidnapping us and dressing up like Game of Thrones characters? Is this a new reality TV show or something?”

Val Jones was an average teenager until he became one of the last survivors of an apocalypse he didn’t even know had happened. Rescued by the Norse Gods, Val is unwillingly enrolled into Odinsall: a school specially made for students transitioning into the realm of the Gods.

But will he be able to survive in a school where the students are going missing and the girl he loves is abducted?

The Stolen Children by Cullen Spurr (ODINSALL Saga Book 1)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 320 KB

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