The Splendor by Breeana Shields

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Splendor The Breeana Shields

Welcome to The Splendor, where your every fantasy becomes reality—if only for your stay.

When Juliette’s sister, Clare, returns from her birthday week at the magical hotel upon a hill, she comes back changed. All at once, it seems Clare’s love for Juliette has vanished. Or perhaps it was stolen.

Deeply unsettled, Juliette uses the last of her savings to book a stay at the Splendor and unravel its mysteries. Run by the talented young illusionist, Henri, the halls are full of magnificent delights and alluring distractions. Every wonder seemsto twist Juliette’s attention away from the answers lurking just beneath the surface.

Even as Henri reveals the truths behind his illusions, Juliette is uncertain whom she can trust in this palace of lies. The Splendor promised Juliette her dreams, but the longer she stays, the more it feels like a nightmare.

The Splendor by Breeana Shields
English | 2021 | YA Fantasy | 2.7 MB

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