The Power of Word by Ember Lane

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The Power of Word Avila Online   Ember Lane

All is not what it seems!
Things should be grand for Jayden Frost. He has his own magical island complete with portals to equally magical places. He has a new town, new farms, woodyards and quarries. He has his legendary military commander, Flavius Belisarius, and he has his friends, plenty of friends. But it still isn’t his old town of White Rock.
The floating island isn’t comparable to that place.
When a scribe comes, dispatched by none other than Bilda himself, things rapidly change for Jayden, not only in Avila, but in the real world too.
But who is this scribe, and what message is written in the golden scroll that he clings to, no matter what?
Will its contents alter Jayden’s life for the better?
Or make they inextricably worse?

The Power of Word by Ember Lane (Avila Online #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 672 KB

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