The Plant Rescuer by Sarah Gerrard-Jones

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The Plant Rescuer by Sarah Gerrard Jones

Whether you have just one or many houseplants, this is the book they need you to read. It is a clear and practical toolkit on all aspects of plant care from how to choose a plant to tips for everyday care. Changes in your plant‘s appearance are often a cry for help and this book will help you understand their needs. Learn how to help your plants not only survive but thrive.

Sarah, also known as @theplantrescuer, is a self-taught houseplant obsessive who firmly believes every plant deserves a happy life. Her determination to see beyond the ‘perfect plant‘ and to rescue unloved plants makes her the go-to guide.

The Plant Rescuer: The book your houseplants want you to read by Sarah Gerrard-Jones
English | 2022 | Hobbies & Home | 76 MB

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