The Last Suspect by Theo Baxter

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The Last Suspect An Unputdowna Theo Baxter

What would you do if the person you trusted the most would turn out to be the biggest suspect?
Brilliant detective and criminal profiler Drew Chase has been summoned to New Orleans to track a serial killer who has cut a swath through the stripper population all down the Mississippi. Called the Incel Murders by the press, the killings are known for their brutality, sadism and violent nature, as well as the elaborate letters left by the killer “justifying” his actions.

Drew, whose own mother was nearly murdered by a serial killer with a similar MO, can’t help but take this one personally and is determined to take the sick bastard down. But everything changes when his prime suspect is discovered brutally murdered in the same way as his alleged victims. Caught between increasing pressure to close the case, uncooperative witnesses, local cops who resent his intrusion into their insular world, and the torments of his bloody past, Drew must fight to put the pieces together, even as his mystery killer has apparently gone to ground. But as the trail dries up and pressure mounts, he soon starts to suspect the worst. The answer lies in the Hell of Drew’s own past and leads to the last suspect that he would ever expect.

The Last Suspect by Theo Baxter
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 346 KB

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