The Glacier Wraith by Christoffer Petersen

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The Glacier Wraith A Constable Christoffer Petersen

Constable Petra ‘Piitalaat’ Jensen discovers a new side to her supervisor Sergeant Duneq when a team of celebrity ghost hunters arrives in Greenland demanding police protection.
The Glacier Wraith is the eleventh in a new series of Greenland Missing Persons novellas set in the harsh, unpredictable Arctic, rich in tradition, myth and culture.
The Glacier Wraith is novella length, ensuring the perfect ghostly read – in one sitting – this Halloween.

The Glacier Wraith introduces many new and interesting characters, together with a few familiar faces making cameo appearances in the series.
The Greenland Missing Persons stories are set prior to The Ice Star and Seven Graves, One Winter.

The Glacier Wraith by Christoffer Petersen (Greenland Missing Persons #11)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 254 KB

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