The Girl from Dark Dakota by Bryan Devore

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The Girl from Dark Dakota Bryan Devore

In Williston, North Dakota, nearly a year has passed since Annabel Heller’s murder last Halloween. Now four lives will be forever changed. High school senior Rachel Black hears Annabel’s ghost crying out in her dreams. Madam Bovell, a medium who sells fraudulent readings since losing her gift years ago, finds her abilities mysteriously returning—and guiding her to Rachel. Jason Hardy, an auditor up from Chicago, sees inexplicable things while working late in Williston’s old hospital wing. And Dr. Donovan Graves, bereaved father and renowned debunker of paranormal research, feels his son’s spirit urgently trying to reach him. Only five days before the next Halloween, time is running out for all four to uncover the secrets of a small town, and the lurking evil that threatens everyone in it.

The Girl from Dark Dakota by Bryan Devore
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 486 KB

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