The Fatal Frontier by Matt Vancil

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The Fatal Frontier Matt Vancil

Joni ‘Webb’ Webber has spent the last fifteen years in the service of Earth. Currently a senior technician aboard the starship Independence, she has been tasked with keeping one of the most important ships in the fleet operational by any means necessary… so long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line or inconvenience a commanding officer. She was just a red shirt after all.

Regulations might not specify that a red shirt’s life is worth any less than an officer’s, but at the end of the day regulations are just words on a screen while orders are orders. Still, despite the turnover rate of a red shirt, it’s a better life than being one of the Unassigned or one of the mechanical human-like cogs. Unfortunately, when a message comes in that sends the Independence careening off course to investigate the whereabouts of the starship Flagstaff, not even Webb is prepared for the depths Command is ready to sink to keep Earth’s secrets.

The Fatal Frontier by Matt Vancil
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 334 KB

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