The Fast 800 Easy by Clare Bailey, Justine Pattison

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The Fast 800 Easy   Dr Clare Bailey

Following Dr Michael Mosley’s No 1 bestselling Fast 800 and the Fast 800 Recipe Book, this fabulous new cookbook features 130 super-simple recipes to help you through your 800-calorie fasting days.

It can be a challenge to prepare meals on fasting days. You may not be a confident cook. Or perhaps you find it difficult having to work with food when you are trying to eat less.
Enter this new range of quick, tasty recipes by Dr Clare Bailey, GP, and acclaimed food writer Justine Pattison. All the dishes can be made with just 7 ingredients or less. There are options to adapt meat dishes for vegetarians, and the other way round; plus easy additions to enable you to boost recipes either for non-fast days or for feeding the whole family.
With Fast 800 Easy Recipes, everyone can now get the full health benefits of Dr Mosley’s intensive weight-loss programme. Science shows that this regime can not only help you prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes, but bring down blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mood too. Easy. INCLUDES 8 WEEKS OF CALORIE-COUNTED MEAL PLANS.

The Fast 800 Easy: Quick and simple recipes to make your 800-calorie days even easier by Clare Bailey, Justine Pattison
English | 2021 | Food & Cooking | ePUB | 111 MB

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