The Doormen by Victor Godinez

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The Doormen Victor Godinez

In the year 2040, Baltimore homicide detective Dan Harper has a perfect case record because the omnipresent computers and surveillance systems always get their perp. But when a murder victim shows up in a quarry one cold, bleak March day, the computers draw a blank on his ID, the surveillance cameras never saw him coming, and the artificial intelligence systems can’t even begin to tag his attackers. For the first time in his career, Harper has to work for a living.

But as he starts to scratch out clues from cold rocks, cold bodies, and cold relationships, he is confronted by gunmen who appear in a blast of thunder and lightning, determined to annihilate what little evidence Harper can scrounge. Worse, they seem able to track and predict Harper’s every move. They’ve infiltrated the networks that Harper, his partner Domingo Delgado, and everyone else on the planet have handed their careers and lives over to. The only way to stay alive and root out this ruthless cabal is to go underground, cut all digital ties, and find anyone who can help him survive and outwit these merciless phantoms.

The Doormen by Victor Godinez
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 383 KB

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