The Dark Side of Angels by Steve Hadden

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The Dark Side of Angels

The one thing she’s lost is the only thing that can save her…
A brokenhearted molecular biologist is forced to become the first human to undergo gene editing to save her soul and preserve the human race in this propulsive thriller that’s too close to tomorrow’s reality.
Molecular biologist Kayla Covington has been called the most dangerous woman on earth. Ten years after her experimental treatment failed to save her twelve-year-old son, she’s on the brink of the world’s first human gene-editing trial. Her discovery, that unlocks the genetic code of the only immortal animal in the world, will reverse aging, save millions of people, and cure her ailing father, salvaging what’s left of her broken family.

But when a fiery explosion rips through her lab, she watches masked intruders execute her team. Scrambling into the night with the only surviving sample, she knows two things: The prefilled syringe containing the age-reversing serum can’t make it through the night, and the second injection that stops the serum’s process has been stolen. In desperation, Kayla does the only thing she can to preserve her life’s work: she injects herself.

Now, wanted by the FBI for the killings and hunted by the deadliest contract killer the CIA has ever known, Kayla must rely on her jilted lover and a young reporter hellbent on the truth to find her attackers and recover the antidote, and in the process prevent the weaponization of the greatest breakthrough in the history of medicine—or die from her own creation in five days.

The Dark Side of Angels by Steve Hadden
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 354 KB

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