The Criminal Mind by Thomas Benigno

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The Criminal Mind  A Psychologi   Thomas Benigno

A malicious undercurrent plagues the remote hamlet of Cartersville, New York, where children have been going missing for over half a century with no explanation or concern.
When a disabled Vietnam veteran, reared in that town, collides in the heart of Manhattan with a teenage girl suffering from multiple personality disorder and memories of being trapped in a locked wooden box as a child, their budding connection slowly unravels memories that neither of them can leave in the past. After two buried crates are unearthed at a remote construction site outside Cartersville with the bones of small boys inside them, and simultaneously, another local child goes missing, Nick Mannino, The Good Lawyer, and Paul Tarantino, a high-class fixer and former secret service agent, are drawn into the fray. Together they explore the disappearance over the years of not just one, but hundreds of children in and around this quaint but peculiar town.
With the help of a genius hacker, a dedicated reporter, and the only witnesses to the crimes–the alternate personalities of the traumatized yet innocent teenager–The Good Lawyer is about to embark on his most disturbing investigation yet: uncovering a sinister underground enterprise, and the criminal mind behind it.

The Criminal Mind by Thomas Benigno (The Good Lawyer #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1 MB

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