The Best Peace Fiction by Robert Olen Butler, Phong Nguyen

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Best Peace Fiction

In the first anthology of its kind, Robert Olen Butler and Phong Nguyen assemble an astounding collection of stories that cause readers to contemplate war, peace, and social justice in a new light. The fourteen stories featured in this volume explore the varied and often unexpected outcomes of violence. The authors explore the tragedies that occur closer to home-not on military battlefields but rather in places that are never meant to be battlefields, like schools and churches. The fiction reveals the violence that renders our most sacred and seemingly safest of places vulnerable.

Not a utopian project, this book asks whether literature has a role in furthering the ongoing pursuit of peace and justice for all. While exploring tragedy, these stories also offer hope for healing, illuminating how people can move forward from the moments when their lives change and how they can regain and reshape safe spaces to find solace. Coffins For Kids! By Wendy Rawlings
All The Names For God By I Sachdeva
Down To The Levant By Joshua Idaszak
A Small Dark Quiet By Miranda Gold
The Resurrection Of Ma Jun By Denis Wong
The Time Is Nigh By Camille F. Forbes
Bon Voyage, Charlie By Dan Pope
A Woman With A Torch By Mark Powell
Ada, After The Bomb By Alicia Upano
L’Homme Blessé By Ron Rash
Letters Arrive From The Dead By Rachel Kadish
Blue River Hotel By Stephen Henighan
The White Spot By Jonathan Blum
The Man On The Beach By Josie Sigler Sibara

The Best Peace Fiction: A Social Justice Anthology by Robert Olen Butler, Phong Nguyen (Editors)
English | 2021 | General Fiction | 1.5 MB

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