The Awoken by S. M. Lynch

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The Awoken New Unity Book 1 S M Lynch

When Kyle lands on earth, literally after falling out of the sky, Ariadne has quite the mystery on her hands when he turns out to be so different to all the others she’s picked up off the street.
Daughter of the great Seraph Maddon and Ryken Hardy, Ariadne counts the deadliest assassin to have ever lived as her mentor and aunt, her father was World President for two terms, and her life has never been what other people would call normal. She’s about to come of age and will be able to wield a weapon, kill if she has to, and make her own choices.
But it really seems as though choices have been made for her already and the truth is not pretty.
After she’s decided she quite likes Kyle after all, what happens?
The worst, that’s what.

The Awoken by S. M. Lynch (New Unity #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 821 KB

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