The Alien Colony by C.O. Amal

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The Alien Colony Book 01 C O Amal

They rain from the heavens. They shoot down any living thing they see. They pile human bodies in every cities. Then they nuke all those cities for good. Then they retreat into the inter-dimensional space.

Survivors think those things have left for good. But aliens are on to something else. Before nuking, they hide their eggs inside human dead bodies. By nuking they have unleashed the alien offspring which reside inside the eggs. The hungry alien offspring rise up, to kill any surviving living thing, to quench their hunger for flesh. This is just the beginning of the greatest plot the aliens have created. Survivors are left to fight with the mutating alien horde. Now most of Earth is radio active. And the little space left is filled with the alien offspring. Is is the end?

The Alien Colony by C.O. Amal (The Alien Colony #1)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 217 KB

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