Steel Sworn by Richard Fox

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Steel Sworn Richard Fox

Ely Hale escaped the Geist, but their hunters are still on his trail and they want him dead or alive.
Linking up with the Crusade was supposed to be Ely’s salvation. Instead, he’s on a world under siege…and with no way out. The Crusade needs every soldier for the fight, even if that means Ely in a suit of Armor he barely knows how to use and with a hunk of alien tech in his skull that’s killing him slowly.

Ely is not Armor, but he’ll fight side by side with the Steel Sworn. His new lance are veteran soldiers, but even their skill and valor may not be enough to protect their newest member when the enemy come for him. Meanwhile, the Geist get closer and closer to prying a secret out of Marc Ibarra. A secret that will change the galaxy forever.

Read the next action packed adventure of the Ibarra Crusade series. This is military science fiction at its finest, with a space opera story that will leave your jaw on the floor by the final page!

Steel Sworn by Richard Fox (The Ibarra Crusade #2)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 433 KB

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