Space Faction by Thomas Mariani

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Space Faction Thomas Mariani

The Decagon galaxy has been at war for generations. This star system is home to ten planets, whose factions inherited the torch of combat. Among them is the planet Darcya; which, supports the faction known as the Crystal Resistance. Their mission: End the war and proclaim their leadership over the Decagon.

General Vince Starflight leads this faction, well respected and wise beyond his years. During an assignment, Vince faces a no-win scenario, and hundreds die, leaving him to contemplate the bloodshed of years gone by and those to come. The battle-scarred and weary General sets his sights on a peaceful future. And, from the ashes of his guilt, the idea for a new faction is born: Project Unity.

Vince steps down from his command to plant the seeds of his secret revolution. Unfortunately, his absence gives rise to those who crave violence. While on another mission for the Crystal Resistance, Starflight intends to gather and hide weapons for Project Unity; however, the plan goes awry and forces him to confide in two comrades: Ingrid and Lalo. Although cautious, they agree to an alliance.

Meanwhile, the formerly obedient soldier, Jax, goes rogue. Thirsty for bloodshed, he defies orders, ruthlessly executing captives by firing squad. A spark of hope for the new faction arises; the leaders of the Duke faction have agreed to meet and discuss terms. On the planet of Xima, Lalo is eagerly awaiting their arrival when he discovers the Duke and Duchess have gone missing.

Warriors from the Duke faction pursue Lalo, implicating him in their disappearance. As a result, Project Unity reveals they have a traitor jeopardizing their goal.With Jax’s brutality threatening to thwart their efforts and foes hidden amongst allies, the road to peace looks arduous. Nevertheless, Vince knows now is the time to make a stand. Coexistence and harmony are hidden deep within the galaxy’s past; and must become forthright once more for a prosperous future.

Space Faction by Thomas Mariani
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 733 KB

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