Smoke and Mirrors by William Markham

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Smoke and Mirrors Prospero Chr William Markham

Everything in Sin City is an illusion. Except the magic.
Max Tauscher retired from the Arcane Special Forces years ago. Now, he is content playing blackjack and running his off-strip magic shop. But when members of his former team are murdered, he must figure out why before becoming the next victim.
When Prospero, a mysterious rogue Magician, takes credit for the murders, the hunt begins. But the clock is ticking. Prospero is searching for a powerful artifact Max and his team hid decades ago. With the artifact, Prospero intends to overthrow the Arcane Senate and destroy anyone that gets in the way.
Will Max recover the artifact first? Or will Prospero prevail? Find out in this fast-paced Urban Fantasy.

Smoke and Mirrors by William Markham
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 324 KB

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