Slate Retribution by Emery Hale

by ebooks-online

This is the story of becoming a hero the hard way and a lousy one at that.
Naomi Jade craves answers, about her future, her non-existent love life but more importantly, her former best friend Jessica-Grace Winters. In an attempt to prove her worth and reconnect Naomi lands in the heart of the British nation’s best kept secret, the Reign Academy, its students always seen but never heard.
She is the only one ready to expose the Academy for what it really is, an unethical programme training mindless assassins for a terrorist’s war the country is desperately losing. If Naomi wants to uncover the true purpose of the Academy she must venture into a barbarically cruel world, collect evidence and survive long enough to rescue Jessica before the seed of corruption is embedded within her forever.

Slate Retribution by Emery Hale
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 440 KB

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