Shooting at the Shore: A Cozy Christian Mystery by K.L. Montgomery

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Shooting At The Shore A Cozy Ch K L Montgomery

There hasn’t been a murder in Bryce Beach since 1878, and librarian/amateur sleuth Sunshine Baker wants to know what happened to her quiet, charming town along the Eastern Seaboard.

The town has been abuzz with new tourists, and now a developer wants to come in and take over a whole city block with new restaurants, shops, and even swanky condos. One citizen has been rather vocal about trying to keep the big city developer out, and when the body washes up on shore, everyone suspects the sweeping changes Bryce Beach has been undergoing are related to the murder.

It doesn’t take Sunshine long to figure out that something much more sinister is afoot. She only needs to look deep into the past to figure out who has the motive, means, and opportunity… If she gets that far before meeting the same fate as the victim.

Shooting at the Shore by K.L. Montgomery (Dangerous Curves Book 3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 317 KB

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