She’s Gone by Susan Wilkins

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Shes Gone by Susan Wilkins

The unputdownable new psychological thriller full of suspense, family secrets and lies, from best-selling author Susan Wilkins.
This is the fear she’s had from the beginning, the fear every mother has, of a loss too terrible to bear.
Marcia Lennox has a life most people would envy: a loving husband, Harry, a beautiful and clever daughter, Phoebe, a high-flying career, and a pristine London home.

But in her third week at university, Phoebe disappears. She leaves her phone, her credit cards and all her possessions in her room.
Detective Sergeant Jo Boden is new to Cambridge, just finding her feet after leaving the Met, when Phoebe’s case lands on her desk.
The police track Phoebe’s last known movements. But as Jo investigates, she begins to suspect the worst. A young love affair gone wrong? A botched kidnap attempt? An ex out for revenge?

Clinging to the hope that Phoebe will be found, Marcia discovers her daughter had a secret life she had hidden from her parents.
And Marcia knows about secrets. Her carefully constructed life is a front, created to escape her own past. Estranged from her own family, with a marriage on the verge of breakdown, Marcia must find the courage to return; a journey that drags her from her safe London bubble back to the wilds of East Anglia and the desolate Norfolk Fens.
Can she face her demons to save her child?

She’s Gone by Susan Wilkins (The Detective Jo Boden Case Files #1)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 540 KB

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