She Was At Risk by P.D. Workman

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She Was at Risk

Zachary Goldman, Private Investigator, is flawed with a capital F.

Zachary has done his very best to let go of ex-wife Bridget and relegate their relationship to the past. So when her current partner comes to him for help, he is understandably hesitant to help.

But Gordon has always been a stand-up guy and done right by Zachary, so he reluctantly lets himself be talked once more into helping Bridget and Gordon. Zachary struggles with obsessions and self-doubt at the best of times, and this is a case that could break him. His investigations lead him from one dark revelation to another until Zachary has no idea how he’s going to find his way back into the light.

She Was At Risk by P.D. Workman (Zachary Goldman #10)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 456 KB

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