Shadow by Nadine Nightingale

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I’m the absence of light. The figure lurking in the blackness of the night, intercepting the glow of all things holy, turning them to dust in the palm of my hands. I’m not invisible. They see me. They study the art I leave behind—a canvas of death and gore, bones and rotten flesh—abstract, yet so heavenly explicit.

Do you fear me?
You should.
I’m a trained killer.
An assassin.
A hired gun.

This time, though, I’m working on my own terms. These kills are mine and mine only. And when I’m done with my masterpiece, I promise you, I will be a legend. Markus
I’ve seen and done shit no one ever should. Sure, the kills on my consciences were green-lit by the government, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Every time I look in the mirror, facing the thing I’ve become, I’m struggling with the desire to take one last life—mine.
When the Secret Service approaches me with the assignment to protect William Deveraux, our president’s son, I see a shot at redemption. For once, I get the chance to save a life rather than take it.

Shadow by Nadine Nightingale
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 800 KB

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