Second to Die by Rebecca Bradley

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SECONDS TO DIE a totally grippi Rebecca Bradley

He’d do an installation that would get people talking. Something no one had ever done before. Something real.
DI Claudia Nunn has never seen anything as beautiful — or as horrifying.

The sketch sent directly to her at work depicts a man, naked on a bed. His arms are bound, his face contorted in agony, a huge blade stuck deep in his back.
Gory? Certainly. Something to worry about? Not likely.
That is until Claudia is called to a crime scene that’s the exact replica of the drawing she received.
Two weeks later another drawing arrives. And another crime scene is revealed.
Can Claudia catch the killer before he strikes again?

Second to Die by Rebecca Bradley (Detective Claudia Nunn #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 655 KB

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