Rift Walker by E.A. Copen

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Rift Walker E A Copen

There are only three rules when it comes to bounty hunting:
Never hunt near active rifts.
Always have an escape route.
And never, ever make it personal.
I’m about to break all three.

My name is Ember Dixon. Ever since a magic rift swallowed my partner, Ash, I’ve hunted alone. The guilds call me a poacher, but I prefer to play it safe. I can’t trust anyone with my secret.
I’ll take any job that pays—even a suicide mission into uncharted wilderness swarming with dragons, deformed monsters, and wild magic.

My world gets turned upside down when I find out Ash is leading the hunt. Not only is he miraculously alive, but he’s returned with a terrifying new power, one that will change everything.
This time, if things go wrong, I have nowhere left to run.

Rift Walker by E.A. Copen (Ember & Ash #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 445 KB

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