Reparation by Lee Maguire

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Reparation by Lee Maguire

A prominent doctor murdered. As the slayings escalate, can one man keep a killer’s scalpel from causing more carnage?
Dr. Bryce Davison hasn’t fully recovered from recent trauma. Despite lingering professional and personal self-doubt, the dedicated psychologist dives in to help the cops when a local surgeon is found dead and castrated. But his clinical instincts quickly home in to link the case to another casualty… a former cosmetic surgery patient discovered in a horribly disfigured pose.

As the body count jumps to three and a second consultant is brought in, Bryce scrutinizes the victimology to uncover the key needed to hunt down the vicious murderer. And with the explicit evidence pointing toward a depraved motive, he races against the clock to stop a terrorized community from suffering more savaged remains.
Can he unravel the tangled psychosis before more fall to a fatal nip and tuck?

Reparation by Lee Maguire (Broken Minds #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 295 KB

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