Rendered Flesh by David Cartwright

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Rendered Flesh   David Cartwright

When zombie apocalypse RPG games go wrong… they go brain-splatteringly wrong!
You feel it don’t you, like maggots in your mind, or ragged teeth gnawing at your belly?
The dissatisfaction of the daily grind. The disillusionment with the status quo.
You watch the dead-eyed, slack-jawed masses as they feast on the rancid meat of propaganda, biting off little pieces of your shredded soul along with it. You rail against the fence-sitters and the fascists, but they simply band together against your small party. The rasping voice of the faceless hordes drowning out your cries for equality.

You want to rip into it, tear at it with a chainsaw of righteous outrage but the gears stutter and the teeth falter, clogged with the foul muck of mass-media bias. The roar of the engine is answered by the deafening howls of the brain-washed mob.

This is Lex’s life, their reality, their struggle. Burnt-out by the trolls and bigots who so callously oppose their part in social-media campaigns for a better world, Lex retreats with gamer friends, Jay and Indi into a new total-immersion, zombie-survival game.
But, with the stakes rising and the illusion of ‘the game’ falling away, it soon becomes clear that, in order for Lex, Jay and Indi to survive the horrors of the game, something of the real-world has to die.

Rendered Flesh by David Cartwright
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 390 KB

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