Questions in the Lantern by Brooke Bryson

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Questions in the Lantern Brooke Bryson

If you see me out and about in nondescript suburbia, there are countless assumptions you can make about me. You might assume I’m an SUV-driving, boy mom toting suburbanite. Which, well, would all be true. If you assume by the leggings and tank top I’m wearing that I’m coming to or from the gym, you’d be oh so wrong. What you are likely to not guess is that when the sun sets and the rest of suburbia crawls into bed, I hunt for things that go bump in the night.
Why? Because my life might depend on it.
Overnight my world is turned on its head, and I’m walking a path I didn’t choose. I’m not on it alone; along with me are my core group of women. Sometimes willing, sometimes it’s more of a kicking and screaming scenario. In this circle of friends, it’s all for one and one for all. If I’m traipsing off into an alien-infested campground, they may balk, they may share heated whispers, but they’re walking through those cabins with me.
We are the Sleepless in Suburbia Society. Within these pages are our stories, our face-to-face encounters with the beings that lurk in the shadow of night.

Questions in the Lantern by Brooke Bryson (Sleepless in Suburbia Society 1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 321 KB

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