Population Zero: Book 3 by Ryan Schow

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Population Zero Book 3 A Post Ryan Schow

Time is running out for Shining Smith and her crew to gather the weapons they need to rescue one of their own. But will they even make it to the ultimate battle? First, they’ll need to hit the road to Charleston—a hell ride full of bandits, sex slavers, corrupt lawmen, and criminal bike gangs looking to move in on Shining’s territory.

Shining’s human allies will do anything to protect her—because they must. But will victory be worth it if she must compel more and more people to do her bidding? And will her feline warriors, the junkyard cats, remain loyal and risk their lives? Or are they just in it for the kibble?THIS SERIES IS NOW COMPLETE! The riveting conclusion to the hard-hitting new series, Population Zero, is HERE! Early readers are now saying that Population Zero: Book 3 is “the best book in the trilogy so far!” and “one hell of a way to wrap a series!”

Population Zero Books 1 and 2 introduced you to the worst cyber-attack in U.S. history, but is there a way to rectify it? To undo the damage done? Who are the players, what are the stakes, and can this nightmarish situation be reversed, or will we all plunge headfirst into the apocalpyse?

Find out these things and more in the third and final book!

Population Zero: Book 3 by Ryan Schow (The Population Zero Trilogy #3)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 526 KB

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