Paint The Dead by Jack Gatland

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Paint The Dead by Jack Gatland

Some cases need more than the police…
Meet disgraced ex-DI Ellie Reckless, a self-proclaimed ‘cop for criminals’, and the person the underworld calls when they can’t call the police.

Working for favours, freely given at a time and place of her choosing, Ellie and her team of fallen angels work the cases the police never see–while Ellie builds enough favours to discover who in the force framed her for murder, who ordered it, and who really killed the man she loved.

And when Essex Gangster Danny Flynn comes to her, with a case involving art forgeries, dead bodies, and a painting stolen during the 1990 Gardner Museum Heist in Boston, Ellie realises this could be the favour that gives her everything she needs to clear her name.
As long as she, her team, and the client can survive until she solves it, that is…

Paint The Dead by Jack Gatland (Ellie Reckless #1)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 484 KB

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