Note to Self Journal by Rebekah Ballagh

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Note to Self Journal by Rebekah Ballagh

Note to Self Journal is jam-packed with inspirational affirmations, thought-provoking journal prompts and exercises that will change your life.

Rebekah Ballagh of @journey_to-wellness_ and bestselling book Note to Self has discovered these effective instruments of change through her years of counselling work and in her own journey with anxiety, self-doubt and tough times.

There are breathing exercises, grounding practices, mindfulness tools, brain dumps, check-ins, body scans, visualisations and more.

If you have ever struggled with worries and anxiety, times of depression, general mood slumps, feelings of low self-worth or a lack of confidence then this is the book for you.

Note to Self Journal: Tools to Transform Your World by Rebekah Ballagh
English | 2021 | Self Help | 116 MB

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