Not of This World by J. A. Bouma

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Not of This World by J A Bouma

Stand Against the Darkness

Monday morning, a Catholic priest is discovered dead inside a locked confessional both. The manner of death is clear. The rest…not so much.

Who killed him, how did they accomplish the feat, and why did they commit such brazen, depraved sacrilege? There’s only one hope to answering the murky questions surrounding this inexplicable, criminal mystery.

Group X.

Elijah Fox and Gina Anderson, two former FBI agents, headline the newly formed investigative agency of the Order of Thaddeus, ancient defender of Christianity. Both solved bizarre cases with a paranormal edge that confounded the U.S. government—and they’re back to solve the Church’s unexplainable, supernatural mysteries.

Questions abound the deeper they investigate, and a dark, primal power stalks them from the shadows of the Unseen Realm. They must solve this inexplicable puzzle threatening the Church to confront a rising, monstrous darkness from devouring communities across America.

Not of This World by J. A. Bouma (Group X Cases #1)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 919 KB

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