Night Sun by Tom Barber

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Night Sun

Sam Archer is out of town on a break from his duties in the NYPD when he receives a call from his detective-sergeant back in New York. A former foe of theirs currently serving a life term has repeatedly been getting attacked by other inmates, so the Bureau of Prisons has arranged for him to be transferred from a US Penitentiary in Virginia to another facility seven hours away. Not only was the man responsible for the death of a fellow detective of Archer’s, he’s now saying he has some important information to share. The NYPD want two of their people present for the transfer to ensure he’s delivered to his new prison in one piece, and then to question him about this additional information he’s claiming to have.

The prison he’s due to leave is high security, housing men found guilty of some of the most serious crimes, who have nothing to lose in trying to escape. Two such prisoners are brothers serving life sentences for capital murder, while another inmate is a long-standing enemy of theirs, a young man at the end of a twelve year stint.

Nicky Reyes has six days left on his sentence.

But for a reason he’s just discovered from the outside, that is six days too many.

Night Sun by Tom Barber (Sam Archer #12)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.4 MB

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