Never Girl by Ana Valen

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Never Girl Ana Valen

On a normal Wednesday night, Claire Jacobson’s life changed forever. Two LAPD officers arrived at her condo and said her older brother was murdered. In the wake of this, she seeks guidance from James Reed—a lifelong friend and defense attorney in her brother’s law firm. James cautions against rash action, and she heeds this advice… until one of the homicide detectives updates her on the proceedings. Detective Stacy Raven doesn’t believe the facts on the ground—that someone killed Claire’s brother in a robbery. The crime hints at passion, not desire for his wallet. When Raven informs Claire about the irregularities, Claire shifts into action.
Claire needs to find out what happened, but she doesn’t possess investigative skills. She needs someone who understands crime scenes. Better yet, she needs someone who understands the criminal mind. After finding the ideal person, they begin their own investigation. They quickly realize that the truth differs from what even Detective Raven suspects.

Never Girl by Ana Valen
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 268 KB

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